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2017 – funny facts :-)

By 30. January 2018 No Comments

Do you like numbers and funny facts? Here you can read about our 2017 🙂

In 2017 we played 44 ladies doubles in individual tournaments

We won 34 and lost 10
Of the 34 victories, 26 were in 2 sets, and 12 in 3 sets
Of the defeats were 6 of them in 3 sets and 4 in 2 sets.

We have in total played 2250 minutes, giving an average of 51 minutes per match

The longeste match we played lasted for 84 minutes. In fact, there are two of them. The first one was at the world championship and the other in Australia. The funny thing is that both of the matches were against Fukushima and Hirota from Japan. We won one and lost one.

Our shortest match was at the European Championship. We won our first round in 22 minuets against a pair from Scotland.

The country we have faced the most is Korea. 12 times in total, with us as winners 8 times.
Japan are coming right after with 9 matches. 5 of them with us as winners

The pair we have played against the most is Lee So Hee and Ye Na Chang from Korea. 4 times have they been on the opposite site on court, and unfortunately we have only got one victory.

The longest winning streak we have had is 12 matches. It started during Singapore Open with 5 matches, then 5 matches at the European championship in Denmark and 2 matches at the Indonesia Open where we lost in the quarter final.

2018 has already startede, and we look forward to more number and funny fact when we reach the new year 🙂